Roberto Castillo is a Native-American multi-media artist born and raised in Houston, TX. Both a veteran of teaching and the armed forces, Roberto is a full time artist and DJ in the Houston area. Through the lens of his Toltec and Mexica (Meh-sheeka) heritage, Roberto’s work can best be described as the outer expression of an internal spiritual journey. For him, creating is a partnership with the Creator of the Universe. Roberto’s purpose is to co-create with this universal life force and give expression through the mediums of drawing, painting, and photography.

Artist Statement

I can never truly claim my art as my own. For me it is a co-creation with something greater than and yet one with myself. What you see on paper or canvas or any other medium is simply the lawful result of an internal dialogue; between myself and the cosmic ocean of reality. I believe that energy has to be expressed. The art that comes from me is a prayer. It is the outer expression of my internal spiritual journey. In my art I explore the light and dark, masculine and feminine, the visible and unseen, and the contrasting forces of nature and human nature. The art that comes from me is not only an attempt to master the various creative mediums I use but also my mind. The final result is a sacred dance between order and chaos.